Dear clients,

Due to the continuing spread of COVID-19 we have continued making changes at MQS to keep our staff, clients and ourselves safe.  Staff will be working in a partially remote environment for the near future. 

What we are asking of you the client is going to be the method in which you send us your tax documents to prepare your returns.  If possible, we are requesting that you use our secure online portal to electronically upload your documents to us.  If you wish to have a portal created please email and she will establish the portal and can assist with any questions you may have on uploading documents.  We do ask that portal users attempt to upload documents in as few attachments as possible. 

If you are planning to drop documents off to our office please call ahead to ensure someone will be in to receive them.  We also ask that if you are showing any signs of illness, that you hold off on dropping these documents until you are feeling better, or ask that someone else deliver them for you.

If your income tax information includes multiple small items for deductions such as medical expenses, business expenses, or chartiable gifts, please include a summary of these items with your tax documents and do not include all receipts. You can retain the receipts as backup.

If you have specific questions regarding your income taxes, please email your preparer directly.